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CAPDASE Metal Plate is an indispensable part of Squarer Magnetic mount. It is a media that provides instant and automatic grip-on when hovering the Smartphone near the magnetic area of the squarer mount.

Stick it onto the backside of the device or inside of the slim protective case, offers a strong holding without vibrating, wiggling even on the bumpiest roads, and effortlessly taking out the device just by single hand when leaving the car.


  • Use for any models of Squarer magnetic mount
  • Instant grip-on & effortless release after installed
  • Easy step installation by 2 optional plates provided
  • Great to use with smartphones and tablets magnet mounts
  • Very easy to attach without a hassle

Smart Device connection
2 optional thin metal plates provided:

  • Round plate with 3M ® adhesive tape attach to the back of Smartphone
  • Rectangular plate with a flannel layer for placing between Smartphone and its case at a desired mounting location

(*let metal side face towards outside)

Do not use with any Wireless charging magnetic car mount