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eoDrive Smart Nano Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser For Car

Description: 中文版
eoDrive Smart Nano Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser is a compact yet elegant, sophisticated yet intelligent aromatherapy diffuser for your car. Aeronautical metal casting, high and low-temperature resistance. You can easily place this palm-sized diffuser on the air vent without occupying much space. Together with our natural and organic essential oil, the pleasant smell helps to improve the air quality, remove aldehyde and odor, lift your mood, and relieve tension and anxiety.

eoDrive Smart Aroma Diffuser utilizes a nano-scale ultrasonic atomization chip to perform over 2,000,000 Hz high-frequency oscillation. With high-frequency vibration, it disperses a comfortable stream of scent that you can see, and let the pleasant smell engulf the whole car in seconds. It can automatically turn on and off by detecting the car engine and motion with its intelligent chips. It will go into sleep mode in 4 minutes after no motion is detected. You can choose between 2 emit modes of choice, *Mini and *Max. Equipped with a 116mAh high-efficiency lithium battery with fast charging and long battery life of up to 30 days, hassle-free while driving.


Ultrasonic atomization uses electronic high-frequency oscillation (oscillation frequency is 1.7MHz or 2.4MHz, which exceeds the range of human hearing, and the electronic oscillation is absolutely harmless to human body and animals). The intermolecular bonds are broken to produce a natural and finest water mist without heating or adding any chemical reagents.

Compared with the heating atomization method, the energy saving is 90%. In addition, a large amount of negative ions is released during the atomization process, which will produce electrostatic reactions with the smoke and dust floating in the air to make them precipitate. At the same time, it can also effectively remove formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, bacteria and other harmful substances to purify the air. Reduce the incidence of disease.

The data comes from the engineering test of our company, and the specific result varies according to different test tools


Material: PP, PC, Aluminum Alloy
Dimension: 60 x 53 x 44mm
Power: 1 W
Weight: 35g
Product Color: Black