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RACER Car Mount Gooseneck Arm

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CAPDASE Racer Car Mount focuses on security and functionality, it is a powerful security mounting solution designed with an exclusive locking mechanism that provides quick and secure locking, an easy release mechanism for any size of Smartphone and even worn its case. It can display the device at the optimal viewing angle for convenient navigating, calling, audio & video and internet browsing in a vehicle.

Racer holder
  • A sleek design brings stylish looks made by sturdy material
  • Surround form holding & exclusive secure locking mechanism
  • Hold the device securely with quick release button conveniently
  • Cushioned expandable side clamp prevents slipping and scratches
  • Swivel Ball-head allows rotating joint for fine-tuning to optimal viewing
Gooseneck Arm
  • The bendable arm allows flexible distance adjustment for optimal angle
  • Strengthened vacuum suction cup equipped with PU sticky gel substance
  • Able to lock securely at windshield or dashboard *to maximize stability
*Dashboard notes:
  • allow placing on flat surface and textured surface
  • not recommended to place on too rough or curved surface