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Magnetic DMF Privacy Film For iPad 10.2-inch

CAPDASE Magnetic DMF-Privacy Film is an excellent and revolutionary detachable solution without adhesion glue for your privacy concerns with the Paperize handwriting feature. The premium PET material with the precisely molded fit and cutting provides incredible durability and is scratch-resistant. It comes with a specialized metal strip at the top & bottom to make it easy to detach and re-attach. It is seamlessly attached to the iPad’s magnetic frames. It provides an optional Privacy feature with Ultra-narrow view enabled. Only those looking directly at the screen can see what is displayed, meaning that your data is safe from prying eyes. Information security is an increasingly important issue, so protect your precious details with it. No more worry about peeping eyes in public. If you want to go back to normal, you can just detach it. And put it into the free protective folder to help prevent scratches when not in use.

It is carefully engineered with a specialized microbeads layer that provides a tactile feel similar to the paper. It offers you a natural and true feeling like writing on paper. It creates an optimal amount of friction for extended drawing and writing sessions. It also offers the ideal stroke resistance for accuracy and a paper-like experience. To make your iPad feel like a real sketchbook and enjoy digital life. Rigorous treatments bring out multi advantages and retain original touchscreen responsiveness.

Instant Snap-On iPad’s magnetic frame offers quick & easy attachment
Free protective folder to help prevent scratches when not in use
Premium PET material with the precisely molded fit and cutting
Retains original touchscreen responsiveness

Privacy Protection:
Excellent and revolutionary Detachable solution for your privacy concerns without adhesion glue
Ultra-narrow viewable angle horizontally blocks the view of any person trying to view your screen
The screen is only visible to those directly facing the screen, keeping all private information safe while on mobile and away from dangerous eyes
Optionally perfectly use for public and high traffic areas.

Paperize features:
The microbeads layer make the tactile feel similarly to paper
The natural and true feeling when writing on screen as writing on paper
Writing and drawing without leaving any residue marks
Prevents fingerprints build-up, allows easy cleaning & Smudge-proof
Perfect for Pencil

It can be used on an iPad that has already been using smooth surface screen protectors such as Tempered Glass or Bare screen.
**It is NOT recommended to be used on iPad which has already been using Paper-like film or Matte screen protector.**

Use For One side only With logo side up recommended

Peel off the protective layer of both metal strip
Align the Film with both hidden magnetic frames of the device & attach it on

Compatible with :
iPad 9-10.2” (2021)/ iPad 9th generation
iPad 8-10.2” (2020)/ iPad 8th generation
iPad 7-10.2” (2019)/ iPad 7th generation