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M-CM Power II Ceramic Cooling Fast Wireless Charging Magnetic Car Mount Gooseneck Arm 300mm

CAPDASE M-CM Power II Mount - Fast Wireless Charging Magnetic Car Mount focuses on an Innovative and Smarter mounting solution. Specifically designed with MagSafe magnetic mounting compatibility. It is constructed with 8 pieces of 4.5mm width N-52 Neodymium magnetic iron bar with a nickel-plated surface that produces Powerful attraction. It is equipped with Fiberglass Board. When attaching the device, it can prevent slippery and also strengthen the magnetic attraction. Holding your iPhone 14/13/12 Extremely Firm & Secure without any concerns, the device will never drop out even while driving in any rough terrain.

Built-in advanced Electro-Ceramic Cooling Module with Smart Semiconductor cooling plate and Cooling fan. It will absorb the heat and dissipate the heat during the wireless charging period, protect the phone's safety and improve the wireless charging efficiency. It also embeds a stepper motor to minimize the noise.

It is equipped with a Qi Standard transmitter. It delivers a 5W/ 7.5W/ 10W/ 15W power segment, allows fast charging wirelessly at 7.5W, compatible with Qi-enabled iPhone 14/13/12 models. It provides a seamless and perfect user experience, keeping your iPhone 14/13/12 safe, enjoying viewing, and operating unobstructedly, as an excellent companion in your car.

Provided free magnetic plate and metal plate, It acts as a media attachment to the back of a smartphone or case without magnetic feature, just stick it either Round Plate or Metal Ring onto the back of the Smartphone or outside its slim case, to turn your smartphone into iPhone’s MagSafe magnetic feature at the back.

Gooseneck Arm – Extra Long Edition-300mm
  • 300mm long from the suction cup to the ball head, giving your extra flexibility
  • Bendable Arm allows flexible distance adjustment for optimal angle
  • Support Pad helps to fix at the dashboard to maximize stability
  • Swivel Ball-head allows rotating joint for fine-tuning to the optimal viewing
  • Strengthen Vacuum suction cup equipped with PU sticky gel substance
  • Able to lock securely at Windshield or Dashboard * to maximize stability
*Dashboard notes:
Please place on a flat surface and textured surface, and it is not recommended to place on a very rough or curved surface.

Air Vent-Clip (optional)
  • Conveniently install and release just only pressing by finger
  • Swivel Ball-head allows rotating joint for fine-tuning to the optimal viewing
  • Rubber pads equipped provide non-slip and avoid scratch to the blade

Advanced Electro-Ceramic Cooling Module

Advanced Electro-Ceramic Cooling Module with Smart Semiconductor cooling plate and cooling fan can dramatically decrease the temperature when it is wireless charging. You can actually feel the blizzing cold with your finger!


• Recommended using with iPhone 14/13/12 models directly and/or worn with official MagSafe protective cases. 
• Not recommended to use it with non-MagSafe cases and/or non-Magnetic cases.
• Supports up to 7.5W fast-charging by Qi standard for iPhone 14 requirement.
• Recommended any smartphone models without magnetic feature to use the bundled Magnetic Plate or Metal Ring 
• When NTC (Thermistor) detects the ambient temperature is below 20 degrees, the cooling fan and the cooling plate will stop operating until the temperature rises again.
• The cooling fan will stop when the smartphone is removed.
• The cooling plate and cooling fan only work when the input power is above 9V.
• It is recommended to use a Smartphone case with a thickness of less than 2mm
• It will affect the cooling function of the cooling plate if the Smartphone case is thicker than 2mm

Gentle reminder:
• Please be sure the M-CM power holder is connected with the power source before using
• Cannot charge if the smart device is worn with a metal case, or the case is thicker than 3 mm.
• The wireless charging will not work with any non-Qi enabled smartphone 

Wireless charging notes:
It uses electromagnetic fields to transfer power from a transmitting source *, to a receiving device * for charging the device’s battery wirelessly
Transmitting source: M-CM Power holder
Receiving device: Qi-enabled Smartphones

Best performance: 3-5mm 
Standard: Qi Standard

Fast charging notes
Qi-enabled devices which do not support fast charging will be powered at a standard charging speed
Required a separately sold QC 3.0 Car charger or Car charger higher than 18W to support fast charging
Attention to the power output of the charging source of the car charger will affect the charging speed performance