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Cobot-SOLAR Auto-Clamp Car Mount Base - T-140 for Tesla Model 3/Y

CAPDASE Cobot-SOLAR Auto-Clamp Car Mount focuses on the Innovative and Smarter mounting solution. It is an intelligent-clamps locking system engineered with an inductor in a compact size that will automatically grip the device securely in place and effortlessly self-releasing. It is designed for smartphones of any size, even wearing its protective case. It is equipped with a solar panel for the storage power source. It can be powered by either USB-C or Solar energy, once it is charged, solar power will be used as a power source continuously, and no cable is needed ever after. The embedded stepper motor minimizes the noise.

It is also flexible to adjust to your optimal viewing angle with full access to the device controls and ports, either in landscape or portrait viewing for convenient navigating, calling, audio, video, and internet browsing in the vehicle.

Cobot-SOL holder:
  • A sleek design brings stylish looks, made of sturdy materials in a compact size
  • Equipped with Solar panel for continuous power source
  • Innovative and Smart locking system engineered with the inductor
  • Soft-touch on the left-hand side to turn on the automated side-clamps mechanism
  • Automatic gripping locks the device securely in place & effortless self-release
  • The equipped stepper motor minimizes the noise
  • Swivel Ball-head allows rotating joint for fine-tuning to your optimal viewing angle
  • USB-C cable provides an optional charging option
T140 arm
  • Not only to lock securely at Windshield & Dashboard*, but also attached to the back of the Touchscreen of Tesla Model 3/Y 
  • The Flip Arm allows flexibility with Multi-angle of the front and the downward angle
  • Simply twist the crown to tighten the suction cup 
  • Strengthen Vacuum suction cup equipped with an enhanced sticky gel substance 
  • Able to lock securely at Windshield or Dashboard* to maximize stability
  • The suction part can be changed when it gets old
  • Place the suction cup anywhere on the back of the screen panel and hover over the screen
Gentle reminder:
Please be sure the COBOT-SOL mount is connected with a power source or charged before using
The clamp operates by a soft-touch inductive button located on the left-hand side

Input: 5V/0.1A
Charging port: USB-C
Capacity: 150mAh
Clamps width: 64mm ~ 90mm