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Paperize HF Handwriting Film ScreenGUARD For iPad 10.9 & 11-inch


CAPDASE ScreenGuard is carefully engineered with a specialized microbeads layer on the premium PET material that provides a tactile feel similar to the paper. It offers you a natural and true feeling like writing on paper. It creates an optimal amount of friction for extended drawing and writing sessions. It also offers the ideal stroke resistance for accuracy and a paper-like experience. To make your iPad feel like a real sketchbook and enjoy digital life. 

It is precisely molded fit and cutting, provides incredible durability, and scratch-resistant, dramatically reducing screen cracking and breakage. Rigorous treatments bring out multi advantages and retain original touchscreen responsiveness. Advanced silicon coating brings quick adhesion without bubbles during the installation. 

  • The microbeads layer make the tactile feel similarly to paper 
  • The natural and true feeling when writing on screen as writing on paper
  • Writing and drawing without leaving any residue marks 
  • Incredible durability & scratch-resistant to protect your iPad’s screen against unwanted damage, scratches, dust, and dirt
  • Precisely molded fit and cutting Retains original touchscreen responsiveness
  • Oleophobic coating brings superb water & grease repellent
  • Prevents fingerprints build-up, allows easy cleaning & Smudge-proof
  • Bubble-free silicon adhesive layer offers quick adhesion and effortless installation

  1. Clean up the screen with a wet wipe and cloth
  2. Remove dust on the screen by dust helper
  3. Peel off around 1/3 of no. 1 protective layer
  4. Align the Film with the display portion & stick on
  5. Remove the rest of the no.1 protective layer smoothly
  6. Attach the Film on the screen gently and press it softly

Adhesive surface to grip on display naturally
Final Touches 
Gently and smooth push toward the edge
Remove the entire protective layer no.2 slowly and gently

Protective Film x 1
Wet Cleaning Wipe x 1
Microfiber Cleaning Cloth x 1
Dust Removal helper x 1

Perfect fit for :
iPad Air 5-10.9" (2022) / iPad Air 5th generation
iPad Air 4 - 10.9-inch / iPad Air 4th generation
iPad Pro 11(2022) / 4th generation
iPad Pro 11(2021) / 3rd generation
iPad Pro 11(2020) / 2nd generation
iPad Pro 11(2018) / 1st generation