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FLEXI II Sport Car Mount Air Vent Twist Vent-hook 143

CAPDASE Flexi II Car mount focuses on an innovative and secure mounting solution that provides quick release with a strengthening clamp mechanism, ensure holding the device firmly.

Smartly extendable legs with locking clip designed to grip different sizes of smartphones and even wearing the case, while displays the device at your optimal angle either in landscape or portrait viewing with full access to the charging port. It is convenient for navigating, calling, audio, video, and internet browsing in the vehicle.

Flexi II holder
  • A sleek & sporty design brings stylish looks made of sturdy materials
  • Smart extendable legs gripping for devices ranging from 50 - 92mm
  • Cushion back and inside at both clamps to ensure prevents slipping & scratches
  • Hold the device securely in place with a quick-release button conveniently
  • Swivel Ball-head designed allows rotating joint for fine-tuning to an optimal viewing
Twist Vent-hook 143
  • Easy install and clip-onto Air-Vent blade and twist it tighten
  • Conveniently tighten and release just passing by single hand
  • Supporting wings placing to Air-Vent panel securely
  • Compatible with most types of the Air-Vent
  • Swivel Ball-head allows rotating joint for fine-tuning to optimal viewing angle