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AA Power II Fast Wireless Charging Auto-Clamp & Auto-Alignment Car Mount DSH Base-GLE for Benz GLE / GLS (2020-2021)

Special design for:
Mercedes Benz GLE (2020-2021)
Mercedes Benz GLS (2020-2021)

CAPDASE AA Power II Mount - Fast Wireless Charging Auto-Clamp & Auto-Alignment Car Mount focuses on the Innovative and Smarter mounting solution. It is equipped with cutting-edge Auto-sensor technology, to detect and determine the best wireless charging overlay position through the current and voltage generated by the transmitting coil of the holder and the receiving coil of the Smartphone. The operation is to perform identification and positioning by automatically adjusting the length of the supporting leg on the bottom (with beep adjustment prompt sound); to find out the Maximum current position, achieving the optimal charging performance, then tightly clamps the Smartphone automatically once aligned correctly. It is the ultimate gear for different Smartphone models for drivers and passengers.

It is equipped with a Qi Standard transmitter and delivers 5W/ 7.5W/ 10W/ 15W power segment, allows fast charging wirelessly with Qi-enabled smartphone models. The intelligent-clamps locking system is engineered with a Coil inductor. The clamps will open up automatically when starting the car engine, and effortlessly self-releasing by touching the top sensing button even car engine is off.

It is also engineered with an Automatic Alignment Memory System. It will remember the best-aligned coil’s positions when putting the same Smartphone into the holder the next time you use it. There is no need to process the alignment again, makes it compatible with any smartphone size even wearing its protective case. It is flexible to adjust the display at an optimal viewing angle. With full access to device controls and ports, either in landscape or portrait viewing, for convenient navigating, calling, audio, video, and internet browsing while enjoy wirelessly & fast charging at the same time. It is a perfect companion in the vehicle and safe & fast charging while driving.

DSH Base - BMWX3
Compatible with :

Mercedes Benz GLE (2020-2021)
Mercedes Benz GLS (2020-2021)

  • Hook on to the space between any of the 2 air vents on the front desk
Fast Wireless Charging


Supports 7.5W fast-charging Qi-standard iPhone 12, 13, 14 requirement.

Gentle reminder:
• Please be sure the AA Power holder is connected with the power source before using it.
• The clamp operates by a button located at both side.
• Cannot charge if the Smart device is worn with a metal case or the case is thicker than 3 mm.
• The wireless charging and will not work with any non-Qi-enabled smartphone.

Wireless charging notes:
• It uses electromagnetic fields to transfer power from a transmitting source *, to a receiving device * for charging the device’s battery wirelessly.
• Transmitting source: AA Power II holder.
• Receiving device: Qi-enabled Smartphones.
• Best performance: 3-5mm
• Standard: Qi Standard

Fast charging notes:
• Qi-enabled devices which are not supported fast charging will be powered at a standard charging speed.
• Required a separately sold QC 3.0 Car charger or Car charger higher than 18W to support fast charging.
• Attention to the power output of the charging source of the car charger will affect the charging speed performance.