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POWERHUB BQP6 3-Socket and 4-USB QC 3.0 and USB-C PD 62W Car Charger

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CAPDASE POWERHUB BQP6 – 3-Socket / 4-USB Car Charger is a powerful In-car charging solution, embedded with 2 Fast charging standards, QC3.0 technology (3.2V-12V dynamic) and USB-C Power Delivery PD. Intelligent health inspector with LCD that displays signal to alert if the battery is running low to avoid depleted.

4-USB output at 62W allows charging for multiple devices simultaneously and relive lighter socket converted into 3 sockets at a total of 100W max. Extended hub designed which can be placed at the front or the back seat area for driver or passengers.

  • Battery monitoring system with LCD indicates voltage status
  • Fast charging QC 3.0 technology embedded (3.2V-12V dynamic)
  • USB-C PD3.0 at 20W max. ensure speedy & safety power delivery
  • 4-USB allow charging for multiple devices with intelligent IC detection
  • 3-socket at 100W for charging multiple In-car appliances simultaneously
  • Each lighter socket equipped with a power button and a charging switch
  • Characterized & optional placement design to maximize applications
  • Cover plate with 3M ® double-sided adhesive pad to stick at anywhere
  • Perfect 1.5M gives plenty of lengths to extend to the back seat area
  • Suitable for various vehicle model from small automotive to a truck (from DC 12V-24V)
  • Auto-detect device type to maximize the fastest & efficient charging current
  • Intelligent safety protection from overcurrent, overheating & short-circuiting, protecting your favorite mobile devices

Car battery indicator
The LCD screen will display the battery voltage when plugged into car lighter socket, This inspector will alert you to take prompt action if the car battery is running low (when 10.5V or below is displayed) to avoid depletion.

Intelligent circuit
Overload Auto-off protection feature will kick in if the total current exceeds the maximum, charging will switch off automatically until the total current of the plugged devices falls back to the normal level.

Input: DC 12V – 24V (for both Cars and Trucks)
Output: 62W total
18W Max. on QC 3.0 port
3.6V~6.5V 3A, 6.5V~9V 2A, 9V~12V 1.5A

20W Max. on USB-C PD
5V/3A, 9V/2.22A, 12V/1.67A

12W Max. per each USB

Power: 100W max.
Cable length : 1.5M