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SA-mFlyer Bike & Motorcycle Mount with Shock Absorber

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CAPDASE SA-mFlyer – Bike & Motorcycle Mount  focuses on security and functionality. Ingeniously combined all-around protective Smartphone holder. SA-mFlyer holder equipped with the Exclusive Shock Absorber. It can absorb and cancel out the compression, and rebound of the suspension, which keeps your Smartphone from being damaged by vibration while riding on the bumpy road. Fully Protective Cradle design with a full-cover clamp at the top and two bottom angle clamps. With “Put on Phone-to-Lock mechanism” provides quick & secure locking and easy release and allows Multi-angle adjustment. You can also adjust the mount to any angle for convenient viewing while riding. Use the Allen key to fix the retainer arm onto the handlebar easily and firmly with a non-slip rubber pad for ideal viewing. It is perfect for most Motorcyclists for any occasion, like traveling or working like food delivery. It can also apply to bicycles, mountain bikes, motorcycles, scooters, and baby strollers.

Perfect against shaking generated by motorcycle engines and vibrations during driving which might impact your Smartphone and even the Back Camera.

SA-mFlyer holder:
  • Exclusive Shock Absorber that enables to absorb and cancels out the compression and rebound of the suspension
  • Keep your Smartphone from being damaged by vibration while riding on the bumpy road
  • Fully Protective Cradle design - “Put on Phone-to-Lock mechanism” provides Quick & Secure locking and Self-release quickly when pressing the side-stick conveniently
  • Advanced All-around protects your device that ensures the device stays securely and prevents vertical & horizontal sliding effectively
  • Cushioned expandable side clamp prevents slipping and scratches
Handlebar holder:
  • Retainer Arm made from premium and sturdy materials
  • Secure & easy attaches to most types of handlebar, just use the Alley key to fix it
  • Suitable for the handlebar with a diameter up to 31.8mm maximum
Alley key provided
Optional size adjustment with non-slip rubber pad for handlebar locking tightly
Optional Rear mirror slot adapter