ROADER II Fast Wireless Car Charging Mount Gooseneck Arm 300mm

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CAPDASE ROADER II Fast Wireless Charging Car mount is a Gravity linkage cradle design that provides quick & secure locking and easy release mechanism that equipped with Wireless charging transmitter by Qi standard. It delivers 5W/7.5W/10W/15W of charging power segment for wireless charging enabled devices, gets charged up wirelessly and conveniently, and allows fast charging compatible for Qi-enabled devices with fast charge functionality. It can display the device at your optimal angle for convenient navigating, calling, audio & video, internet browsing, and enjoy wirelessly & fast charging in the vehicle.

Gooseneck Arm 300mm
  • 300mm long from suction cup to the ball head, giving your extra flexibility
  • Bendable Arm allows flexible distance adjustment for optimal angle
  • Swivel Ball-head allows rotating joint for fine-tuning to the optimal viewing
  • Strengthen Vacuum suction cup lock at Windshield securely
  • Support Pad helps to fix on the Dashboard to maximize stability
Vent-Clip (optional)
  • Clip-on mechanism fits for different thickness of Air Vent blade
  • Compatible with most horizontal or vertical Air Vent
  • Conveniently install and release just only passing by finger
  • Swivel Ball-head allows rotating joint for fine-tuning to the optimal viewing
  • Rubber pads equipped provide non-slip and avoid scratch to the blade
Fast Wireless Charging

Gentle reminder: Cannot charge if the Smartphone is worn with metal case non-metal case thicker than 3mm

Compatible Phone Models