CR Power IR15 Wireless Charging Auto Dashboard Dock Mount

CAPDASE CR Power IR15 Wireless Charging Dashboard Dock Car Mount is a perfect driving companion in stealth style. It delivers 5W/ 7.5W/ 10W/ 15W power segment, allows fast charging wirelessly that compatible with Qi-enabled smartphone models. Low profile with simplicity and stealth dock design provide an intelligent-clamshell locking system engineered with an infrared detector. Instantly & automatically opens the clamshell cover and rises the transmitting board when hovering the device near the inductor. It will also automatically grip the smartphone securely in place and effortlessly self-release by soft-touch the switch. It can hold different sizes of the smartphone horizontally for a perfect view while keeping your eyes on the road and enjoy wireless charging simultaneously.

Built-in smart cooling fan to cool down the temperature during the wireless charging period, protecting the safety of the phone and improve the wireless charging efficiency. A slightly adjustable base with sticky gel for anti-slip and firmly held onto the dashboard. The upper and lower opening of the clamps is made with soft textured rubber mats to protect your device from scratches. Comfortably and firmly with no vibration, no wiggling. Slope designed shell cover protects the device from direct contact and heats up by sunlight. The screen can also be seen clearly without reflecting light, keeping the device safe, and easy to navigate. It perfectly blends in with the car interior when not in use.


  • Low profile with simplicity and stealth dock design
  • Fully compatible with Qi Standard enabled smartphones
  • An Intelligent-clamshell locking system with an infrared detector operates either automatically or by soft-touch
  • Automatically opens the cover and rises the transmitting board when hovering the device near the inductor
  • Automatic gripping your smartphone securely in place and effortless self-release
  • The cooling fan cools down the temperature during wireless charging
  • Rubber mat equipped at upper and lower openings to protect the device from scratches
  • Slightly adjustable base with sticky gel firmly held onto the dashboard.
  • Perfect views at eye level without vibration & wiggling when driving
  • Slope shell cover without reflecting by sunlight for ease of navigation that does not bring visual blind spots and ensure driving safety
  • Perfectly blends in with the car interior when not in use.
  • The built-in capacitor provides power buffer* to turn-on CR Power mount after power off

Gentle reminder:
Please make sure CR Power Mount is connecting with the power source before using
Cannot be charged if Smartphone worn with a metal case or the case is thicker than 3mm
Place your Smartphone close to the surface of the charging board to enhance charging efficiency
The indicator shows in red color if the Smartphone does not has wireless charging ability; blue color for wireless charging phone.
Power buffer* of the capacitor can provide 2-3 minutes of power after the car engine is turned off.

Dashboard notes:
Allow to place on the flat surface and textured surface
Not recommended to place on a too rough or curved surface.

Wireless charging notes:
It uses electromagnetic fields to transfer power from a transmitting source*, to a receiving device* for charging the device’s battery wirelessly
Transmitting source: CR Power holder
Receiving device: Qi-enabled Smartphones

Fast charging notes:
Qi-enabled devices ( which are not supported fast charging ) will be charging at a standard speed
Required a separately sold QC 3.0 Car charger or Car charger higher than 15W to support fast charging
Attention to the power output of the charging source of the car charger will affect the charging speed performance

Input: DC 5V/2A, 5V/3A, 9V/1.67A
Output: 5W / 7.5W / 10W / 15W adaptive
Cooling Fan: 5V 0.22A 8500r
Working Humidity: (10%-90%), No Condensation
Transmission Distance: ≤10mm
Recharge port: USB-C
Dimension: 128*121.5*36.5 mm
Weight: 535grams
Height of clamshell cover released: up to 90mm
**Best performance: 3.5mm : Standard: Qi Standard

USB-C To USB-A Cable included