CB Power Pro Fast Wireless Charging Auto-Clamp Car Mount Charging Arm

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  • CAPDASE CB Power Pro Mount - Fast Wireless Charging Auto-Clamp Car mount Charging Arm is an innovative design with the Optimum Mounting solution equipped with the Qi Standard transmitter. It delivers 5W/ 7.5W/ 10W / 15W power output segment, allows fast charging wirelessly compatible for Qi-enabled Smartphone models. And it comes with an intelligent-clamps locking system engineered with an inductor that provides automatically gripping the device securely in place and effortlessly self-releasing.

    It is also compatible with any size of the smartphone even worn its protective case. It can be flexibly tuned to display at an optimal viewing angle with full access to device controls and ports, either in landscape or portrait viewing for convenient navigating, calling, audio, video, internet browsing and enjoy wirelessly & fast charging which an ideal companion in the vehicle and shorten charging time while driving.

    CB Power Pro holder
    1. A sleek cradle design with a Fast + Wireless transmitter
    2. Fully compatible with Qi Standard enabled Smartphones
    3. Intelligent locking system equipped with an infrared inductor
    4. The clamps will extend and release automatically when the phone is hovering near the sensor of the holder
    5. Press the soft-touch button to take out the phone from the holder
    6. Fully Automatic lock the device securely in place & effortless releasing
    7. Extendable leg for variety size of the device ensure well wireless transfer
    1. Fast + Wireless Charging Coil by Qi standard
    2. Two Indicators at sideshows input and output
    3. Safeguard over-voltage & temperature protect
    Charging Arm F30
    1. Fast charging QC 3.0 technology embedded (3.6V-12V dynamic)
    2. 2 Ports at 30W allow charging for multiple devices simultaneously
    3. Placement head with adjustable ring able to lock into socket securely
    4. The flip joint allows angle adjustment for positioning
    5. The soft glowing ring shows power status & illuminates in dark without distraction
    6. Adjustable flip joint for positioning accord with your wishes

    *** Optional Vent Clip is included.