TANO-265A mKeeper Tablet Tank Bag for 7 To 10-inch Tablet

    1. Securely mounts your tablet to any motorcycle
    2. Ideal for keeping your tablet to hand or for using GPS apps the Capdase MKeeper Tank Bag for Tablets attaches to virtually any motorcycle for secure and protective storage.
    3. The design of the MKeeper Tano 265A includes powerful embedded magnets and attachable suction cups for use with either metal or fiberglass gas tanks.
    4. Additionally, the Tano 265A includes safety straps which can be clipped to the case and wrapped tightly around the handlebar stem to further prevent the case from coming loose from the motorcycle.
    Multi-level viewing stand for easy viewing
    The Tano 265A includes foldable compartments which when unzipped allow you to prop your tablet at a more comfortable angle on your motorcycle.

    Transparent pocket allows for full touchscreen use
    The flexible transparent plastic 'window' on the front pocket of the MKeeper Tano 265A allows you to fully operate your tablet's touchscreen without having to remove it from the case. This is great for using your tablet as a GPS device and means you don't have to sacrifice protection for usability.

    Includes additional internal and external storage compartments
    On the outside and inside of the Motorcycle Tank Bag are various storage compartments which allow you to store your keys, wallet, and other essentials. The easy access pocket located at the front of the case means you can access anything you need with just a simple use of a zip.

    Includes a rain cover for use in adverse weather conditions
    Included within the Tank Bag is an elasticated rain cover which can be pulled over the bag to protect against rain and splashes in adverse weather conditions.

    Includes a detachable shoulder strap
    Great for use on the go the Tank Bag can be removed from a motorcycle and taken with you. Simply tuck in the 'wings' of the case and attach the included shoulder strap in order to carry the case around like an ordinary satchel case.