COBOT Smart Car Mount Air Vent Clip

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  • CAPDASE COBOT Car Mount focuses on the Innovative and Smarter mounting solution. It is an intelligent-clamps locking system engineered with an inductor that will automatically grip the device securely in place and effortlessly self-releasing. Designed for any size of Smartphone even worn its protective case. It is also flexible to adjust to your optimal viewing angle with full access to the device controls and ports, either in landscape or portrait viewing for convenient navigating, calling, audio, video and internet browsing in the vehicle.

    COBOT holder
    1. A sleekesign brings stylish looks made by sturdy materials
    2. Innovative and Smart locking system engineered with the inductor
    3. Soft-touch at the top to turn on the automated side-clamps mechanism
    4. Automatic gripping device securely in place & effortless self-release
    5. Swivel Ball-head allows rotating joint for fine-tuning to your optimal viewing
    1. Selective [I or II] clip-on mechanism fits for different thickness of Air Vent blade
    2. Easy install and clip-onto blade securely
    3. Conveniently release just passing by finger
    4. Compatible with most of the horizontal or vertical vent
    5. Rubber pads provide non-slip and avoid making scratches on the blade