POWERHUB BQ3 3-Socket and 3-USB QC 3.0 Car Charger

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  • CAPDASE POWERHUB BQ3 – 3-Socket / 3-USB Car Charger is a powerful In-car charging solution, embedded with QC3.0 technology (3.2V-12V dynamic). Intelligent health inspector with LCD that displays signal to alert if the battery is running low to avoid depleted.

    3-USB output at 30.5W allows charging for multiple devices simultaneously and relive lighter socket converted into 3 sockets at a total of 100W max. Extended hub designed which can be placed at the front or the back seat area for driver or passengers.

    1. Battery monitoring system with LCD indicates voltage status
    2. Fast charging QC 3.0 technology embedded (3.2V-12V dynamic)
    3. 3-USB at total 30.5W max. allow fast charging for multiple devices
    4. 3-socket at 100W for charging multiple In-car appliances simultaneously
    5. Each lighter socket equipped with a power button and a charging switch