CAPDASE Portable Bluetooth Speaker- Beat SOHO
Free Sounds Around you

CAPDASE Portable Bluetooth Speaker- Beat SOHO

Compatible to most Smartphone, tablet, notebook etc.


Music has magic power, can help to let out our emotion and release the pressure. Therefore, so many people like to listen to music by using their portable Smartphone, tablet, notebook or music player via earphone. However, earphone is just for private use and can’t help you to share the music with others. Furthermore, earphone maybe lead to noise induced hearing loss if you use it for a long time. Take an original stereo set belong with you that may seem impractical also. CAPDASE designed and launched Portable Bluetooth Speaker- Beat SOHO can help you. The powerful function of it lets you enjoy “free sounds”. Beat SOHO and Beat Bar BTS-2 can connect to most devices in the market, such as Apple iPhone/ iPod/ iPad/ MacBook and Samsung GALAXY Note II/ SIII and so on.


CAPDASE Portable Bluetooth Speaker- Beat SOHO has solid and heavy-duty steel enclosure can against scratch and shock. It has cylindrical design with mini size (Diameter: 6cm/ Height: 5cm). So you can even put it in your pocket. Beat SOHO has Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR technology can wirelessly stream your music up to 10m from Smartphone or laptop. It is also built-in Lithium battery for continue 8 hours play-back. For another, there is a microphone on the right side of Beat SOHO, you can use this function to take a call without hold the phone for a long time. That would suitable for people who like to talk on the phone for hours. Beat SOHO has deep bass mono system even though it is very “mini”.

In package, there is also included 3.5mm/Mini-USBY-Cable that could help you charge Beat SOHO or connect it with your device.

Beat SOHO is designed in red, black and silver colors to fit your brilliant iPhone, iPod, iPad, GALAXY Note II, MacBook and other devices. Let’s connect Beat SOHO and Beat Bar BTS-2 with your device that will make your life become more convenience and exciting!

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